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K Media Center is a neat application that can help you organize and play karaoke files. It has a modern interface and features, that'll allow you to play various music formats and even HD/DVD movies.It has a nice set of tools, so you can adjust volume, play karaoke files, manage play lists and assign playback positions. It's a versatile and user friendly application. It has tons of video tutorials, you can check out to get more info on how to make the most of the K Media Center. It has some tools like for ease, the application can also act as a server allowing you to download and play files, to make things easier.K Media Center Install:After installation, launch the application, open the application menu and go to the tools option, to open the K Media Center main window. On your computer, you could find the application shortcut in C:\Program Files\K Media Center\KMCDebug\KMCDebug\Tools\. (Note: Windows 7/Vista/XP users: you may need to append the C:\Program Files (x86) directory).Once K Media Center is open, you can either click the playlist button and open a playlist list to view the various songs that are assigned to different playlists, or you can navigate using the up and down buttons on the side of the application window.More tools and features:• You could use the K Media Center as a server to view and download files. • You can drag and drop your songs to rearrange the list. • You could change the light and background colors. • You could view the elapsed time of your songs.If you're interested in downloading karaoke files, K Media Center could serve your needs.K Media Center Download:You could download K Media Center here. If you want to see more about it, you could check out its site here.After I downloaded it, installed it and rebooted the computer, it said "This is K Media Center" as the startup screen and then K Media Center was opened and I could see all my songs (Playing Music menu and in the Music list).After I tried to play a karaoke file (audio/mkv) it worked fine. So far it works fine with other files including audio files (MP3) and mp4 videos.However, I couldn't see any of the tools in the Media Center.What is K 08929e5ed8

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